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Chalke Valley History Festival

We're all back and just about dried out from Chalke Valley History Festival 2021 .


AB Reynolds and Baber talking to the public

The Chalke Valley History Festival is a multi-period history and literature festival that pairs educational talks and presentations from historians, subject experts and comedians with Living history displays from all eras stretching from early roman right through to the Cold War.


A visit from the Tudors

This amazing event is in a class of its own with public mixing with the rich and famous. Visitors were on site because they had a passion for history and were genuinely interested to hear about the Beachhead Commandos.

We met some amazing people and also made lovely new friends.


LS Ruffhead and James Holland

The festival is co-organised by Historian James Holland and his team, who were all very welcoming and had the show running extremely smoothly, despite the current restrictions. James could be seen dotting about between various talks, presentations and tasks, but was always happy to stop and answer questions. Other notable guests included Harry Enfield, Al Murray and Dan Snow.


Bringing our the Mk1** Canoe for a talk

This show also saw the maiden outing of our new COPP (Combined Operations Pilotage Party) display section. This is still a work in progress, but helps us explain the reconnaissance work conducted by Royal Navy Commandos prior to a landing. These were very well received and we look forward to being able to progress this part of our display.

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