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2022 Round Up

The Year So Far...

What a year we are having.

The year started slow, with the pandemic still lingering, and then the conflict in Ukraine, many events started reviewing whether to go ahead. A few cancelled, but most carried on, and we are very glad they did. 

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Chalke Valley History Festival

Our first event of the year was the Chalke Valley History Festival, in Wiltshire. Co-hosted by historian James Holland, this event hosts a selection of the top historians, authors and speakers and allows them to give fascinating lectures on stages positioned amongst some of the finest Reenactment groups from all periods. This year the festival was also visited by HM Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, Queen Consort.

This event is always an honour for us to attend and we are grateful to James and his team for inviting us.

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We Have Ways Fest 

Once again we we invited to The We Have Ways Podcast Festival in Buckinghamshire. This event brings together WWII enthusiasts and WWII historians and allows them to discuss the subject amongst a huge variety of armour and re-enactors. This year the festival was attended by many guests including Sir Max Hastings, Katrin Himler and many others.

This event also has a lake on site, giving us a chance to demonstrate our Mk1** canoes, including demonstration water entry and recovery to the canoes, a task thats considerably harder than it looks.

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