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"I bought a hat, then got a little carried away"

In 2015 John bought an original WWII Royal Navy cap, but had no idea of what it would lead on to. It didn't take much persuading from his sons before he bought a 1937 Bedford MWD, after seeing it at the War and Peace Revival in 2016. John then, along with a little help from his friends, spend the entire winter restoring it to a working condition, and soon decided to paint it as an RNBC vehicle, however no wartime vehicle is complete without a uniform. He gathered the basics of a uniform, quickly followed by his sons, and off they went to their first shows. It wasn't very long before a few more people had joined them in uniform and soon a group was forming.

Since then the group has worked with schools, film and entertainment companies and attended a whole host of events across the southeast. The camp has quadrupled is size, now having two trucks, ten or eleven tents, complete with stretchers, telephones, machine gun nest, and everything else you may see if you see us at an event.



Lieutenant John Ruffhead A.K.A Skip

John is the driving force of the group and the brains behind the majority of our most daring schemes and operations.

A nuclear site engineer by trade, he purchased his Bedford truck to accompany his officers cap, after which his hobby dramatically expanded, out of which the group was born.

Johns role as Beach Master would see him controlling the beach, and his word would be final.

Sub Lieutenant Robert Blackadder

"After being invited to a small local event by John, it took no time at all to get me hooked. Almost immediately after returning home I'd ordered a majority of my kit and have been slowly adding to it ever since. My roll in the group is to portray the Assistant Beachmaster as a Sub Lieutenant, however by day I spend my life working at an airport and flying private aircraft."

Chief Petty Officer Andy Meredith

The stick that keeps the group in order, you do not want to get caught being mischievous by our Petty Officer.

Leading Seaman Jack Ruffhead

Doubling as bodyguard for the BM/ABM, Jack specialises as a Shipwright. Jack is the groups bagpiper, reminiscent of their training in Scotland.

Jack is also our COPP specialist, building a replica Mk1** canoe for surveying the landing grounds.

Leading Seaman Sam Bromley

"I spoke to John after seeing some pictures he had posted of a event that he and the group had just attended to a Facebook group. I'd always been interested in doing a beach commando re-enactment, after chatting to the group at an event it only took me 2 days at the same event to get all the equipment I needed. Since then I haven't stopped, I took the rank of Leading Seaman as it was the rank my grandad had in N commando, I was offered Petty Officer by John but I resisted the urge of a fancy cap! By day I work as a systems Administrator"

Find out about Sams Grandfather, Ray Bromley, by clicking 

Able Seaman Alan Reynolds

Alan joined in November 2017 and quickly found his place within the group. Alans first night with us was spent camping in -4 degrees centigrade, so more of a baptism of ice than a baptism of fire. The technical mind of the group, he is our 'Go to Guy' with anything electrical, including the telephones and signal lamps used to communicate between land and sea.

Alan also owns the second Bedford, a 1942 MWD.

Signaller Pete Fletcher

Pete Found us at The Royal Gunpowder Mills in April 2018 and was quickly accepted into the group. Like Sam, Petes grandfather was a RN Commando and so he brings more knowledge and insights to the group. Pete is a signaller and is quickly getting to grips with the codes and procedures involved.

Find out about Petes Grandfather, Alfred Gape, by clicking

Able Seaman Max Baber

Previously a Royal Navy Submariner, Max found us at The War and Peace Show 18. He quickly integrated himself into the group. Max Has kept his role as a Stoker who would have been responsible for the maintenance of ships, vehicles and weapons.

Able Seaman Steve Allnutt

With his first event with us being the War & Peace Show 18, Steve came straight in at the deep end. Here Steve found his place in the group and began seeing how the group works.

Leading Seaman Alex Ruffhead

Doubling as bodyguard for the BM/ABM, Alex specialises as a signaller, Helping communicate vital messages to help coordinate an operation. 

Able Seaman Adam Kerr

Joining in May 2018, Adam was soon to show his enthusiasm. Adam has taken on the role of a Quarters rate Gunner, and has an in depth knowledge of our weapons.

Cpt. Mark Bromley

Mark is our Senior Naval Officer Landing (SNOL)

1939 Bedford MW Aero Screen

Our hardest working member. Acquired by John in 2016 and lovingly restored to working condition, she was the inspiration behind the formation of the group.

1942 Bedford MWD

Acquired by Alan in 2018 and restored over the winter, she helps to transport our growing collection of period equipment.

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